Social Media Travel

Social media travel, Facebook Or Twitter Travel is a Social Travel Revolution itself. The impact of social media on travel industry is amazing. The travel brands, mainly the Airlines, Hotels, tour packages etc is using social media to achieve this phenomenal growth and spur in business is mind boggling, as these figures below tell us.

Tourist Arrivals In 20121.1 billion Tourist arrivals took place in 2012, and accounted for +9% of the Global GDP.

Facebook America155 Million Americans Are On Facebook. 50% of all Americans socialize with friends and family though Facebook.

American Passport115 Million Americans have Passport, which is only 37% of all Americans have a Passport. 63% of Americans can’t travel outside the USA.

GOGO Wifi72% of all social network users access their social networking sites “daily” while they are travelling. But only 7% use mobile internet while travelling international.

Wifi In Flight200 Million passengers boarded GOGO-WIFI flights in 2012.

Foursquare Check-InSocial Networking Site FOURSQUARE has check-ins in 6 countries. Sweden, Norway, England, South Africa, Canada and USA. But only 7% use mobile internet while travelling international.

Facebook Travel69% of all travel companies saw traffic growth from Facebook. 46% of all travel companies saw traffic growth from Twitter. Soon you will see Facebook Hotels, Twitter Hotels, LinkedIn Hotels!!!

Like Us On FacebookSouthwest Airlines have 3 Million Facebook likes, and 2 Million Twitter Followers. The Top 5 Airlines have 2.5 Million Fans on Facebook. Southwest Airlines 65% United Airlines 12% Lufthansa 9% American Airlines 7% Delta Airlines 7%.

Las Vegas Facebook

445 Thousand likes Las Vegas on Facebook.

Students On Facebook96% of all University students are on Facebook. 52% say that Friends / Photos on Facebook inspired their next trip. 46% say that they have been invited to a trip via Facebook. 45% say that Facebook makes them visit friends abroad.

Facebook Hotel Reviews50 Million social reviews have been created for 495 000 rated hotels.

An Airline has launched a program that allows you to choose your seatmate based on their Facebook or LinkedIn profile. Now you can hope that you’re not beside the Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Travelguy who’s singing along with his iPod. The program, called “Meet and Seat,” is now available on flights between Amsterdam and New York and San Francisco and Sao Paolo. They hope to add additional flights in the near future.

The New York Times notes that you can’t “reject” someone who’s chosen you, but you can pick another seat. Great, now we have to worry about being unfriended in the air!!!